3 ways Teachable can benefit your Business

What is teachable?

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One of the most natural and most effective online learning courses is teachable. Teachable is an online course creation platform. Online learning courses can quickly be produced, hosted, designed, and marketed without having the tech or knowledge of creating an online course. It is an “out of the box” platform. Meaning, all you need is to develop or have the content. The lesson experience is designed for desktop, tablets, and mobile devices. No programming required. Built-in marketing tools also allow you to connect to your market.

So how can you use teachable in your business?

The most popular method is to sell online courses. Whether you are an experienced tradesman, have insider knowledge or a talented individual in your field. Teachable allows you to have a platform where information, videos, and multimedia teach your experience to someone else. If your business has a unique niche or product, a lesson can be created to sell. Do you have a novel technique that you created? You can create a course teaching that to others in your field. Perhaps you have a trade based business. Inside tips and expert knowledge can be sold to your customers or competitors. Even giving free access to these tips and tricks can be highly effective in increasing sales and business.

Say you have a renovation company? An online lesson course about proper maintenance sold to the general public would earn you a passive income. Marketing that online course free to paying customers as a gift invokes reciprocity and will set your self apart from your competition. Classes could be made about proper maintenance to ensure the longevity of their investment. Perhaps you have a list of dos and don’ts, common mistakes, or insider knowledge. Lesson plans can be created to sell or give away to your customers. There are a thousand ways to create online courses and lesson plans for customers.

You might even have a niche offset from the primary business that would do more beneficial, marketing online rather than the small community you service. Hence if you are in business, there is something you can offer to teach others.

How teachable can help your employees?

A second method of using teachable for your business is to used it to replace old employee manuals with updated online courses. It is faster and more comfortable to instruct an employee through videos, pictures, and shown examples. Plus the cost of printing employee manuals is quite costly. Not to mention outdated. This way, you can always keep your employee training up to date. The best practice of any business, large or small, is the continued education of your employees. Teachable allows you to monitor the progression of your employees through training plans. Ensuring they are going through the course accurately and in a timely fashion. If new products or services are added to your business practice, these services or products can be added to your training.

Using a platform like reachable to uniformly train and inform ensures that every employee receives the same information. One problem I have seen id that small business relies on other employees to train them. This creates issues because those employees’ duties are not as a trainer. They may forget essential details, teach bad habits, or enforce policies that have changed.

Using a training course platform like teachable allows you to train your employees with various media types. Such as video taken on the job site or at a manufactures plant. Such videos provide visual evidence rather than leaving it to their imagination. Documents, quotes, audio, and pictures also assist better with training an employee. Since teachable can be changed and updated at any time. Employees can take the online course before they start, saving time and energy. Not to mention freeing up any employee you would normally use to train a new hire.

You, as a business owner or manager, can learn from your training, adding or adjusting to help with your employee training. We all know a well informed and knowledgeable employee is more productive, makes lesser mistakes, and provides superior customer service.

Using teachable to train your customers.

As I mentioned before, Teachable can be used to inform your customers on tricks or insider knowledge. Marketing these courses with value ($) than giving the course to them for free, invokes a sense of reciprocity. Reciprocity is the generator of repeat sales and referrals. If I provide you with something of value, you are more willing to do business with me. That is just how people work.

Similarly, informing your customer of your business practices and what your services entail through an online course also sells your professionalism. On top of that, it also ensures they understand the scope of the work or product you are selling. Deflating those arguments later when the customer comes back and suggests they did not receive what they thought they were entitled.

Keeping everyone on the same page and covering your ass. If you sell tiered products or services. Using a training course allows you to train your customers in technical jargon properly, the difference between services or products, and what is expected of them. I sold doors and windows, for example. When it came time for installing those types of items, customers need to be informed to clear any obstructing items, drapes, or furniture. Any valuables need to be placed out of sight in a secure area, and pets must be locked up. The business that I worked for had so many problems due to the fact, a phone call or piece of paper was releaded to one person. We are all human and forget, most people forget when you are calling them. They are more focused on when are you going to be here or they forget t inform whoever is there to meet the installer.

By training your client through a platform like reachable, you have proof that they went through the lesson plan and understood their expectations. When issues that slow down your business, cause you money and time. Charging your customers on these extras loses repeat business and referrals as the customer becomes upset due to their lack of knowledge. Even selling products, there are certain dos and don’t or maintenance to keep the warranty. Inform your customers on these issues no matter how small or insignificant.

Every return or complaint costs you money and ties up your employee. Fewer complaints mean happy customers that refer and buy more from you. Retaining your customers is the key to a successful business these days. The days of turn and burn your customers is no longer due to review sites and social media. Plus acquiring new customers cost you more money.

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So use teachable to train your customers, train your employees, or even train your competition. Either way, you’re making more money in your pocket.

As a side note, I was a locksmith for over 10 years and new more about locks/safes than most. I was highly respected, and I used to train my competition. This helped me in two ways. One I made money selling my knowledge to them, and when they came across jobs they couldn’t handle, I was the first they called. So I made money advertising through them. Once I showed up to the customer, with a more professional and knowledgeable demeanor. That customer called me for more substantial issues and jobs. I never stole business from anyone; I just absorbed traffic through connections.

The second reason was to keep the integrity of my profession. I have seen many businesses not help other companies out that were not properly doing their job. You cannot run people out of town these days. So why not ensure your reputation and business standards be protected. You do not need to share everything, and even if you do, I have found people do not do what you do anyways. Your business is unique due to you and your practices. Sharing techniques and knowledge makes everyone better. Ensuring the integrity of your vocation. If your profession like mine,(locksmithing) gains a bad reputation, the only way to stay in business and earn your customer trust is to keep your industry up to par.

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