How to make Dating pictures attract & produce the best results!

The dating area has become insane with how many different websites and apps in the online dating category. From very specific dating websites like jdate to general dating sites like eharmony. Here are some tips to attract better results in your search by using your pictures to advertise your self correctly.


No matter if you already have a profile online dating profile or you are just starting out fresh, all of these tips will work for you. To attract the right person(s), you have to market yourself in concordance to what you are seeking. Always market yourself in a positive way, not in a superficial or deceitful means. You are looking to attract someone’s attention long enough to take the effort in contacting you. Do not make it look like you are trying too hard, which I see on to many profiles. Men are the biggest culprits of working too hard. So here is some advice to help you get noticed and find someone special.


Its all in the picture

Since all online dating sites and apps require a picture, your pictures hold the most significance in attracting someone. Apps like Tinder and Badoo, users only see photos with a small number of words to describe yourself that is mostly hidden from view. Here are the best tips and advice to attract someone with your photos.



Young man taking a selfie for his dating profile

Your Photos should be:

First, of all, you should Have at least 6 unique photos on your profile.

  • High-resolution photos
  • Taken in right lighting conditions.
  • Use different expressions in each pic to show your range of emotions. This makes you seem vulnerable and more likable.
  • At least one photo looking directly into the camera with a smile.
  • Have a different outfit in each picture that expresses you usually.
  • If you have a pet, show a picture with your pet. This helps to find like-minded individuals but also helps to notify someone if they have allergies or just not at a person. (It save a lot of grief later on, knowing this prior.)
  • Of you and no one else! The focus of your profile and photos should be on you and not of your friends. Too many profiles with pics have too many people in the picture that it gets confusing or someone to figure out who the person that you’re trying to date is? Studies also say if you view a person with a more attractive person in the photo, they will not see you as beautiful as if they had seen you by yourself.

Always market yourself in a positive way, not in a superficial or deceitful means.


young girl pointing a camera taking a picture

What to avoid in your photos:

  • Stay away from night shots.
  • No duck faces, tounges sticking out, ample cleavage or winks
  • Hence No Instagram or snap chat filters
  • Do not use professional work pictures
  • Refrain yourself from selfies in the bathroom, gym, and crowds.
  • Do not place photos of others or children on your profile. Use text to explain that you have children, keep their safety in mind.
  • Be careful, try not to have any information in the background of your pictures that gives to much information to cause you harm. (Example, do not take a picture in front of your house with your house number or photos at work where someone can zoom in to read sensitive information. Protect yourself and be smart!



Finally some expert tips:

Action shots are a great way to convey and capture emotions.

I would advise using a professional, If you can afford a professional photographer to take photos, it will do wonders to your profile and help send the right message.

Use disruptive photos that catch the eye:

Examples are infographics about yourself, your picture with quotes (AKA a meme. Humor but not offensive quotes work wonders. Think Fun!), or a Collage of photos with information about things that you like.

Be creative but not cheesy or offensive. Again think playful!



So now you have your pictures taken care of. What shall you say about your self?

Most of us have a hard time describing ourselves two other people. So what I recommend the most natural way in the most effective way to make a high profile is to make a list of things that you like, and they hire someone to write something about yourself. A great website to use is or Both of these websites are a freelance based website, and you can hire a writer or a Ghostwriter to write something specifically for you. So you could have a writer write in a narrative for your website. What I recommend is after abuse after you signed up for your website figure out what kind of content you need to fulfill the site as I say always fill in everything that you possibly can in your website to make your profile complete.



Keep details to a minimum

Finally, give a general sense of who you are and what you like to do daily. Try not to put things that you think others would like, My biggest tip would be to be genuine about yourself. If you don’t have a lot to share or you don’t have a lot of hobbies the best thing to do is to tell a Whimsical short story about something that’s entertaining about you. The whole idea is to get someone inspired enough to want to meet you. Don’t worry yet about them being your one and only. All you’re trying to do is get the most people that you would want to meet come to you. After you had a couple of likes or messages, then you can start filtering through your selection.

Again always fill out as much as you possibly can in your online dating profile. Also, try to give the most accurate information but without detailed knowledge. For men, the best way is humor women love a man with a sense of humor they also like a man with a what the feeling of masculinity do not be afraid of this toxic masculinity that it’s been going around I have not met what a woman that does not like a well-rounded, polite masculine gentleman. For women, be feminine, do not try to a guy even though you may be like that in everyday life, it is off-putting to men at first.


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