Health and Homeopathic Advice

Personally, I believe in living a healthy lifestyle and the use of natural products to heal the body. I have always been this way since I was a Child. I didn’t not like taking any human-made medicine but not because of the taste, although the taste was always awful. It did not feel right internally with me. Naturally, no pun intended, I have always wanted a more natural way of healing myself.

I started training in various Martial arts since I was 10 years old and continue on today. Due to My father influence. He was a martial artist trained inside the legendary Bruce Lees school in LA With his love he passed down the study of understanding and mastering one’s body. Learning how to defy what your mind thinks is possible. To heal one’s mind, body and spirit to become stronger.

Similarly, my great grandmother also taught me how to use plants and herbs to heal myself. She used a lot of the benefits of the aloe vera and cactus plants. Sometimes she would make a paste, sometimes she would cook it over a flame and sometimes she would eat it.

In combination with my martial arts, my family’s influence and my personal attraction to a more homeopathic way of medicine.

However, I do not buy into everything homeopathic or natural. Some methods are time tested and some have just been forgotten. Subsequently, there are also a lot of shams and misconceptions into what works and what does not.


For ever product or method a research paper points in either a positive or negative light. As a result I will be sharing what remedies I personal recommend and advise you to try at your own discretion. Some of my advise comes from passed down remedies that always work. To tested and proven remedies.


Furthermore living a healthy lifestyle is not one part of your life. Stay diet or exercise.

Besides, healing yourself, or maintain a proper diet for yourself. Your Mental and physical needs also must be maintained. Meaning you must also learn to keep your physical body in shape to perform daily tasks and stay debilitating ailments away. A form of Preventive health care.


Together with fitness, diet, and mental regiment, you can relieve stress and maintain a healthy emotional balance. Your emotions are a result of subjective thinking: psychological therapy, self-reflection, meditation, and resolvent of past issues. Helps you become a stronger, more confident, and happier individual.

You can not avoid stress or hardships in life not matter who you are. Life throws things in your path to help you grow. By being calm one can open new opportunities, live longer (hopefully) and most important, enjoy your life.

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