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For ten years I worked as a locksmith, 2 years specializing in doors and frames. 2 years of locking hardware and access control systems. I have opened everything from the smallest drawer lock to a time bank vault lock. I have taught others on how to bypass high security locks and safes. Not to mention I have designed and installed complex keyless access control systems in large companies.

Prior to myself becoming a locksmith, I was trained early on by my father’s friend on remodeling. During my divorce, I lived briefly with my fried and his wife. Payment for my stay was to help remodel his rental units and tile the entire downstairs. Needless to say, I did not stay there long.

I have received formal training and hold certification from various companies and associations like DHI (Door Hardware Institute). on top of my formal training I received extensive training in the hard knocks of life.

Most home improvement job can be accomplished on your own. You need to right tools and guidance.

I know what works and what does not work because i have tried both.

My parents also were realtor throughout my life. My mother and father both sold residential and new construction. For a brief time, I sold doors for a door company that supplied doors and windows to new home construction.

I also briefly worked for a window company recently to learn the window industry and found so very useful information.

With all this wisdom, experience and knowledge i plan on finding you the best products to fix solutions. Make your life easier or add value to your home. Along the way i will share renovation ideas, repair techniques and home improvement tips.





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