Learn how to make money from the convenience of your home or while you travel. Job and business opportunities for everyone that can make money for any skill set. No degree required.

Writing Jobs

There are tons of jobs where you can make money writing. Each one of these job opportunities can be done from anywhere in the world. Using your phone, tablet or computer. As along as you have the time, dedication and ability to connect to the internet you can make some serious money writing.

Even if you are not a writer I can let you in on some secrets to hire writers to do it for you and tools that help you write.

Gaming Jobs

Today there is real money to be made playing, testing and blogging about video games. The video Game industry is no longer for kids and you can make a serious income doing what you love and already do.

All you need is the love of video games and a console/platform to play them on.


These are business opportunities that can make you money while you sleep. These business opportunities create a passive income. They require you to follow an already set game plan and are very much like buying a franchise.

The internet is the new way of building a business and a virtual business is not constrained by problems associated to brick and mortar business like storing stocked merchandise, having a storefront or operating only during specifics hours. You can reach millions of people rather a few hundred or thousand a day. Theses business do not discriminate and allow a niche product or market to reach your targeted audience.

online COURSES

Capitalize on your experience skills,and knowledge.

Do you have a talent or knowledge that you can teach to someone else. Even the smallest skill can be taught.

Learn how to take what is in your head and make money from it. These online course development websites do all the heavy lifting for you. All you need is to fill it with content that is stored in your mind.

Help tutoring someone online and get paid without leaving your home.

Or learn a new skill set or start a new career by training at home.

Blueprint for any successful online business

Finding your Niche

Many products and online business cater to specific audiences. General websites do not do well these days. Focus your attention and time in areas that you already have knowledge in, experience or the passion to learn about.

Search what people are looking for and need

Supplying a product, service or your knowledge that people are interested inis key to success. Search and see if someone is interested in the niche your are supplying. If there is a demand of searches but no one is supplying that need. Fulfill it!

Internet is a tool, use it.

There are endless websites that give you knowledge to learn, train and give you insights to make your business successful.

Mobile devices are key

Whatever you are marketing. Make sure it views and can be used on a mobile device. The cheapest and most effective way to grow your business is to target Facebook, twitter and Pinterest. Why because everyone uses their phone to look at them.


There are a lot of companies that provide email campaigns to help you stay in close contact with your email list. Your email list is your customers and that list makes you money.

Power of surveys and forms

The easiest way to stay or get someone engaged to buy or use the service you maybe selling is to use surveys and forms. Everyone wants to express what they think theses days and surveys are the best way.

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