Occultism! Dangerous influences to our children and society!

The Occult and how they indoctrinate our children

Children throughout the centuries have always been referred to be innocents. So what does that mean? Innocent by definition = free from moral wrong, without sin & pure. Free from legal or specific injustice, meaning guiltless. Not involving evil intent or motive and not causing physical or moral harm, meaning they are harmless. If you search for the definition of innocence, under noun, a young child is an example. The reason why I make this point so clear is to set the moral code that a young child or baby is without a doubt “innocent.” Even though we all have experienced that “devil child” at one point in our life, that awful child had to be exposed to something that stripped them from their innocence. Hence, purity can be stolen from a child in a multitude of ways through abuse(physical or psychologically), drugs, sexual assault, exposure to evil thoughts, and actions.

As a parent, I believe my job is to preserve and culture my child to be an immeasurable person of character. To have a reliable moral and ethical base so that they may be successful in their endeavors. Whatever those may be.

As a person, I have been rebellious from time to time, but I always had a firm grasp of self-integrity and ethical code that I knew, for the most part, what was right and what was wrong. But we are not innocent for long, and why is that?

It wasn’t till recently my eyes opened to the idea that maybe these things are influenced — enticed and sold to you! But what if I told you that many of our vices, sins, and afflictions are programmed?

Just to say I am in no way condemning anyone’s faith, beliefs, or practices, other than people who harm others. I am a man of faith, I believe in a higher power (God), the rules of the universe and that we should all love one another. I also believe in the good nature of the human spirit, that evil is taught and invited into your life. Leaving all religion out of this and purely looking at the facts. What did I see, when I opened my eyes? I found our culture has been systematically enticed to bend a certian way. We are causing the issues we face now. It honestly has gotten out of hand, and we are now paying the price for it.  

Shopping at the Mall is an eye opening experience !

As a teenager of the ’90s, I lived my life and social status at the mall. Everyone hung out at the mall. Even though malls are dying these days and being replaced by online stores, they are still a considerable presence of teenagers, kids, and young adults that shop in malls. My point is, we all still like to go out shopping and see what’s new. Generally, I haven’t been to the mall and buy a lot of my stuff from Amazon. As a result, I have disconnected myself from what is advertised and sold in malls where most teenagers and young adults spend time with their friends. As a result, my daughters are teenages wanting to hang out at the mall. I have been allowing them to indulge in this right of passage, with some supervision. While they walk around and spend time with friends, I do the same. Visiting stores of old that I had fond memories of and exploring new stores I have never seen. My adventure through these stores was eye-opening to me. 

Hot Topic, Spencer's and occult stores

The most popular stores I found and was pointed out to me by my 15 year old daughter was Hop Topic. One of her friends loves this store and is a big fan of bands like Panic at the disco. Panic at the disco has been known for occult imagery. My daughter does not like that store, as she described it when she went in with her friend. She politely told her friend that she would wait outside for her as she felt uncomfortable in the store. Interesting enough, when I was at the mall walking around with my parents, I told them that I need to investigate this store and see what she was describing. All three of us immediately felt different ailments and feelings when walking into the store. It is covered floor to ceiling with occult and satanic symbolism — tshirts, wallets, purses, bracelets, etc. I could not stay in the store for more than 5 min. My parents wanted to leave right away and did not get more than 5 feet into the store before they turned and walked out. I didn’t last much longer. I am not what you would call a religious man but a very spiritual person. So I do not scare easily to these things as I used to listen to heavy metal bands that openly were sinister. If I liked a song I listened to it but never bought into the magic aspect of it. I believed it was for marketing purposes only. I was wrong. Once I learned what lesser magic is and how it influences someone into occult like practices, then into allowing demonic spirits into your life. Which cause torment, strife and trouble in your life. I changed what I listened to watched and read. These type of stores are oblivious to young minds and help influence them to create horrible acts like school shootings. If you don’t believe me look into the, what many school shooters listened too and noted in their notebooks.

Apart for Hot topic, I ventured in the store that every teenager of my generation loved, Spencer’s gifts. Where crazy and offensive stuff was always entertaining. But I was in no way prepared for what they carry now. First of all, funny novelty items have been replaced with vulgar and sexual toys. The whole back half of the store is a sex shop now. With vibrators, sex toys, poorly made lingerie, bachelor/bachelorette party gifts. One used to have to go to a sex shop to find these things, but now you only need to go to spencer’s gifts. Now I find slightly offensive things funny to a point. I have a sense of humor, but these items took things to a whole new level. The shirts were disgraceful to me and in my opinion, never be sold. While browsing one woman in her thirties shouted, I want to buy this one, as I looked over. The t-shirts read ” just got fucked today.” Sorry for the language but that’s what it read. Now I would never want to be seen with my mother wearing that shirt, ever. That, in turn, would be devastating to me and cost me a whole lifetime of counseling. 

Now you may think that’s not that bad. Until you see, these shirts I encountered at the entrance of the store. T-Shirts that openly profess satanic rituals and demonic possession. I care not to talk too much about these as I find them quite disturbing, but take a look at each one and ask yourself who are these marketed to buy? How do we create mass murders and violent people today? This might be a short answer to that problem. Slowly, the line has been pushed from the days of Beavis and butthead to now satanic ritual sacrifice on apparel.

Unicorns everywhere!

One of the most common and growing symbols of occultists’  is the unicorn. Wikipedia states it as just a mythological creature and may have existed in ancient times in some form or fashion. But what does the symbolism mean? As we know, no one has documented or captured a real-life unicorn for us to see. So why is a mythological creature being so heavily sold to our youth? If there we only a few products found, then I would say its a novelty item and nothing sinister about it. As a result, I found over 300 products and growing that are unicorn merchandise. All geared towards children and young adults. I haven’t even begun to research how many are for adults. 

The unicorn described by occultist is quite different than Wikipedia. The unicorn is depicted as having the head or body of a horse, the hind legs of a stag, the tail of a lion, and a long tampered horn growing from the center of its forehead.

Unicorns are associated with the meaning of innocence, purity, grace, mystical healing, feminine energy, and magic. Misunderstood by most, the unicorn represents male and female in one beast. It is considered to be the most magical animals of all symbolism. Unicorns in folklore are believed to shift between the visible and invisible worlds. It is representing transmutation, manifestation, and asexuality. The mythological creature is known for its contradictory role, meaning it is of both genders and roles. Now, doesn’t that sound like something we keep hearing about in the news? Transgendered?

Many websites are dedicated to the love of unicorns, and all say the same underlining thing. The symbolic magic of a unicorn invites one to bypass the laws of the physical realm to transform to become anything you desire. The limitations of the unicorn are limitless. They are also traditionally tied with virginity and the tales that only a virgin with a mirror can catch a unicorn.

Strangely the unicorn during the medieval ages was used as a representation of Christ and his teachings. But why?

Look at what the unicorn represents now — a horned creature usually with a rainbow. The fascination has indeed exploded, and I cannot go a week without seeing something with a unicorn on it now. Once I pointed this out to my kids, they spot them faster than I can: in advertisements, products, tv, and movies. Sometimes hidden in the background of tv shows and movies these days. Throughout my years, I have studied how decision making in the brain occurs and how easily we are persuaded by what we hear and see. What I see is a push towards a horned creature which in most cultures is always associated with an evil entity. The rainbow is now a sign of homosexuality. Since the unicorn is considered to be a mythical transgender beast, one can speculate, the underlying meaning of the push for transgender or queer society. Could this be one way of population control?

So is the unicorn terrible, if it is a symbol of purity and innocence? Yes, in my opinion. It is a form of mind control and manipulation. As the world wakes up to the massive pedophile problem that plagues our society. A parent should watch out for what he or she is allowing their child to be exposed too as children are like sponges and soak up information. This type of programming is used to lure kids into occult like behavior, choosing to be transgender, and that magic is good.  Even Disney movies promote magic (witchcraft) as being beautiful and pleasant. Magic to occultist is very much real and is spelled out differently. The actual spelling is Magik and deals with the manipulation of energy. Magik or sorcery leads to the thought of transmutation, which is the thought of becoming a god and invoking the supernatural, which many religions tell us that messing with the supernatural is not a good thing. What may seem and sound cool is only a deception to a dark place of no good.

One trip to the mall I found over 100 items with Unicorns or a unicorn type reference!!

TV, Netflix, Amazon & Movies!

If you also haven’t noticed the growing amount of Tv shows, especially from Netflix and Amazon Prime. Dealing with supernatural things. Gods, omens, spirits’, hauntings, the devil, lucifer, witchcraft, vampires, werewolves, and sorcery. Often these themes are placed right out there, and you know the premise of the movie or show. But I have noticed, for instance, Sabrina, the teenage witch. Went from a happy go lucky adolescent girl using magic to get herself in and out of trouble — a lighthearted version of what the reboot has turned out to be. The new reboot involves real witchcraft rituals, evil tones, and Satan himself showing up. But that is how someone indoctrinates you into something you would typically see as a contradiction to your moral code. They start with something innocent, make it funny, then a little darker and by the end its full-blown Luciferianism. Where all witchcraft, even Wicca, lends from and leads towards eventually.

The point is to take what is righteous and love, turn it upside down and make it wrong while taking what is evil and making it look good. Take the show Lucifer. We know he is the devil, but he goes around helping people and talks about God being a bad dad to him. Empathy occurs, and before you know it, you are showing sympathy for the devil. Recently Antifa protesters were shown holding signs that said Hail satan. The church of Satan is growing in numbers; there are many movies on my Xbox titled with the word Satan in it, hence showing a growing fondness for the devil. The arguing amongst people about guns as the problem of mass shootings, but look at what is provoking and manipulating society away from peace, love, and forgiveness — to violent behavior, screaming and killing.

News coverage of bullying, school threats, and shootings, lack the investigation to what kind of mindset is being programmed into youth. My generation was subject to heavy metal bands being renowned satanist, to now pop stars, rap artists and movie stars using occult like symbolism. If you cannot see the connection, you are ignorant and blind. It is in plain sight and now being thrust in your house whether you like it or not.

I canceled my Netflix and avoid some Amazon shows they make now. Some friends have told me I am overreacting about this. But I ask of you to research what I am talking about. I am not the only one seeing this bombardment of the Luciferian doctrine. Shows like Good omens, Lucifer, supernatural, and many more all use the same names for their characters. Crowley is one of the most overused character names which refers to Aleister Crowley the most noted Satanist and occultist of our century. Read this article on that subject.

Why would all these liked themed shows use the same-named characters if it wasn’t a systematic effort? You would think they could be more creative if an agenda weren’t being unfolded. Even if you do not believe in any of this, the occultist sure do. Witchcraft is on the rise and becoming more and more predominate. Where love, peace, and Christianity is being snuffed.

 Read: Ask Not What You Can Do for Your Country, but What Witchcraft Can Do for You by Esquire.com

Recently Christian bands have been infiltrated by occult symbolism. 

READAre Illuminati, Satanic Symbols Infiltrating Christian Music Industry? or 10 Famous People Who Dabbled In The Occult

The as above, so below - upside down mirror world

The days of occultism, Satanism, Luciferianism, and Witchcraft were lurking in the shadows, which all are somewhat different but lead back to the same concept. Are coming out of the shadows and into the spotlight. They have slowly pushed and pushed the moral acceptance line. They are showing us more and more indecent imagery. The new show THE BOYS on Amazon prime is a new standard of this. The moral and ethical problems that are displayed, twist, and reverse what is right, is terrible, and what is evil, is good. Singularly this is the dogma of most of the occultists. The as-is above, So below doctrine. What is in heaven will become Hell. All systems of magic function by this belief. In short, man is the counterpart of God on earth, and God is man’s counterpart in heaven. Hence the teaching you can be a god, which is usually underlying to any cult-like religion. 

The new movie, Brightburn, turns the superman story of justice and peace, upside down. Making the supermans story into a horror and terror story. The Tv show Stranger Things heavy references to the upside-down world. The mirror image world of darkness. There is even a new horror movie which the premise is that evil doppelgangers attack them.

My daughter, who is in 8th grade told me her classmates and teachers talk openly about these kinds of shows, especially the show The Boys. As a grown man who does not become easily disturbed. Was disgusted when a scene in The Boys Amazon show, portrays a female violating the equivalent of Aquaman with her fingers into his gill. A form of rape to the character. My jaw was littery open the whole time, not to mention almost every character has some way of a reference to being raped or violated in the show. I see comments on facebook about how awesome the show is and how this makes superheroes real in today’s reality. But superheroes are not factual. My fondness for a superhero as a kid was their struggle to be tremendous and choose good no matter the cost. The blurring of the line between good and evil has almost merged these days, especially with video games.

Games of realistic sadistic violence with no consequences leads our youth to commit violent crimes.

This programming of children and young adults is warping their moral and ethical way of thinking. Showing that evil is the way to go and being morally right gets you nowhere. That is why we are having problems with the rise of violence, depression, and suicide amongst young people.

Read: Suicide rates rise sharply across the United States, new report shows.

Music today

Well, we all know who music is tied in with the occult and Satanist. It’s been wildly covered. What is not discussed is the younger and younger artists that are emerging without any hidden agenda. It’s right there in your face. One highly decorated young artist is Billie Eilish. My oldest daughter brought her to my attention a few months back. But not the way you would think since I inform them of occult symbolism to know what to avoid if possible. She liked one of her songs and played it for me. Honestly, I thought it was terrible music right away and felt like an old fart for saying it. She did hide her other songs from me that had more esoteric meanings and deliberately did not want me to watch her other videos. I asked to hear her other songs. Once they started to play her demeanor changed as she knew the lyrics went against what she believed. But isn’t that how this works? They put out a tune that sounds good to where you are more willing to overlook the bad it promotes. Becuase it’s catchy. But just yesterday this report came out that Billie Eilishes new video is all about Satanism and turning away from God. What is appalling is the fan support for this video and the song she sings. Watch this video to see what I am talking about.

So what does all of this lead too?

This is a form of witchcraft, which is called lesser magic. Form the idea that everyone is special and can do whatever they want without repercussions. The idea that rules and God are stifling you makes one belief in individuality. You may disagree with me, but the concept of individualism is a Satanic way of thinking. You are separating your self from your community and others. The thought of being unique is apart of this agenda. Schools teach this way of thinking openly. I oppose this way of thinking with my children. They are not special or individuals. Rules do apply to them, and we are all connected in this universe to one another. If people were all so different, then why do we find others that are so similar to us. Healthy friendships and close relationships build on likeness. These friends understand you and make you feel connected. We feel the happiest when someone hugs you and shows they care about you. When we are united in a community, we feel stronger, and when your family is healthy, we feel loved. Being disconnected from each other leads to depression, loneliness, self-harm, or addiction, which tends to end with suicide unchecked or violence.

A strong family base, community, and healthy relationship are what we need to fix our problems. If we act like we are all into this together, then we can help our fellow neighbor, classmate, friend or stranger be better people. Remember the agenda is to disconnect you from everyone, including God, to make you alone and vulnerable. United, we are strong and can help stand each other up rather than walking over each other.

In conclusion

I am not sure how this article will sit with everyone and if more people would like to hear about these issues. As I tried not to go to far in depth  as the subject is long, disturbing and spawns across many aspects’. It also has seeped into many parts of our lives and is not confined to just these topics. It is much deeper than we can image and sadly we have not listened to the past warnings. Big issues involving these problems are occurring more rapidly and escalating in our culture these days. With the media in on it and not helping with the resolution. I fear this article may fall death on most ears, but I am optimistic that many will wake up. I would be interested in hearing your comments and if you would like me to talk more on the subject.

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