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If you asked me, “what is the best thing that you I have ever received in life,” my answer would be my parents. I have the best parents any man could require.

Now they are not perfect, but our relationship has always stayed strong even through the toughest of times. I am best friends with my Dad. We practical spend all our time together. He gets on my nerves just as I do to him. But we both love spending time with each other. I have a great, healthy, and loving relationship with my mother.

All I could ever ask for on top

that is for myself to have that kind of relationship with my children.

15 years ago I was blessed with my first daughter and a 2 years later my second daughter. Unfortunately, my marriage did not last and led to a somewhat nasty divorce. But I have that same kind of relationship with my father I have with both my daughters. Not as a whole either. We have very independent relationships.

Meaning both my daughters from a very young age grew up in separate parenting households.

Throughout the years I have gained a perspective through my daughter’s eyes into a different parenting system. I also have conducted my little experiments to see what works and what doesn’t with motivating children.

I believe with the right combination of persuasive and compliance techniques, mixed with Neural linguistics programs, sprinkled in with some parenting love and being involved with your child. Will foster a better human being that you will love being around with.

Try out my techniques and advice that has worked on my daughters but countless children and teenagers I have reformed.

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